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One Stop Shop For Mobile Headlights Restoration,

Auto Glass Coating Protection.

Car Owners, Dealerships and Fleets. 

We are a company that prioritizes quality, safety,

and customer satisfaction.

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Get Your Glass Treated by the Professionals at Sharpeglasscoatings 

Make your glass surface easy to clean and water-repellent with the help of Sharpeglasscoatings in Gainesville, Texas. We provide glass coating solutions not just for homes or cars but also for heavy equipment. Also provide Headlight Restoration services, Interior Hydrophobic Fabric Protection for your vehicle.

Our Glass Coating’s Features and Benefits

  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • The coating is a chemical process, with the product bonding quickly to the silica of the glass, making it extra durable and offering immediate cure time
  • Very low maintenance for drivers as well as home and business owners
  • Great for company fleets, solar panels, residential and commercial spaces, marine boats, and farm and construction equipment
  • Repels rain, dirt, mud, ice, snow, acid rain buildup
  • Easy to wash
  • Reduces day and night glare
  • Windows are decontaminated to the very pores of the glass and built up for protection
  • Solar panels will stay much more effective and efficient
  • Backed with a  2, 3, or 5-year or lifetime warranty
  • Free service maintenance throughout the warranty of your choice

Our Mission and Vision

At Sharpeglasscoatings, our aim and passion are to promote overall safety and make your glass look pristine no matter what industry you are in. Our products are backed with different levels of service warranties for your protection.​

Our Clients

  • Independent Auto Owners
  • Small Fleet Owners
  • Emergency Auto Fleet Owners
  • Solar Panel Owners
  • Property Owners

Car Glass

Headlights Restoration

Company Fleets

About Our Company

Sharpeglasscoatings is an owned car enthusiast with more than 10 years of detailing experience in oilfield, residential glass and overall nanotech coatings.  Passion for detailing cars, and that passion of his has expanded to providing outstanding glass coating not just for cars but also for a variety of equipment and items.